Technical Tour

Three courses of technical tour will be provided as follows. The participants will be able to apply the tour with the payment at Nippon Travel Agency's on-line registration system below.

Tour Date

July 17, 2014 (Thursday)

Tour Destinations

Technical Tour A

  1. [Company visit] Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
  2. [Sightseeing] Sake brewery visit & tasting at Hamafukutsuru

Technical Tour B

  1. [Company visit] Hyogo Works, Kawasaki Heavy Industeries, Ltd
  2. [Sightseeing] Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and information facility
    (Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Center, Maiko Maarine Promenade)

Technical Tour C

  1. [Company visit] Mitsu Seiki Co., LTD.
  2. [Sightseeing] AWAJI NINGYO JORURI, a traditional puppet theater, performance and exhibition at Awaji Ningo-za

Tour Fee

Tour Fee(PRE-REGISTRATION) Fee(ONSITE Registration
A JPN 5,000 JPN 6,000
B JPN 5,000 JPN 6,000
C JPN 5,000 JPN 6,000


Participation registration

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Description of Technical Tours

Technical Tour A


The Westin Awaji Island -> Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. -> Lunch (SAKURAEN of Sakuramasamune) -> Sake brewery visit & tasting (Hamafukutsuru Ginjyo Brewery) -> Sannomiya Station -> The Westin Awaji Island

Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry corporate

Main entrance

Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works of MHI, consisting of the Main and Futami Plants, has consistently harnessed leading-edge technologies to deliver many excellent products since its foundation in 1905. The field of shipbuilding & ocean development builds submarines and marine development equipment. The field of energy is engaged in manufacturing nuclear power plants, the field of land transportation systems is engaged in manufacturing toll collection equipment and new transportation system in the airport. Consolidating our abundant experience and excellent technology, we are actively taking on the challenge of pioneering new products and fields such as space equipment.

Wadamisaki Battery


Hamafukutsuru Ginjyo Brewery visit & tasting

Hamafukutsuru Ginjyo Brewery is a high quality sake brewery, has opened in order to introduce and displays traditional sake brewing. The brewery can produce sake all year round, and the modernized sake production process can be viewed through glass windows. Please enjoy a good old time and tradition of Japanese sake making.

hamafuku00 hamafuku02 hamafuku01

Technical Tour B


The Westin Awaji Island -> Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and information facility (Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Center and Maiko Maarine Promenade) -> Lunch (Seapal Suma) -> Hyogo Works, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. -> Sannomiya Station -> The Westin Awaji Island

Hyogo Works, Kawasaki Heavy Industeries, Ltd


Hyogo Works was established as a branch works of Kawasaki Dockyard in 1906. Since then Hyogo Works has consistently used leading-edge technology to contribute to society by developing and modernizing rolling stock . Hyogo Works is currently focusing on manufacturing rolling stock, taking the best advantage of its accumulated technological knowledge and high productivity levels, manufacturing various rolling stocks such as electric trains, coaches, freight cars, electric locomotives, and diesel locomotives, and supplying them all over the world.

Domestic customers for our products include different Japan Railway companies in addition to private and municipal railway companies. We also deliver our products to customers in overseas markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the Peoples Republic of China, Southeast Asia, Africa and Central and South America. For example, in the United States, railway cars manufactured at Hyogo Works and at our two manufacturing facilities in the U.S.; KRC in Yonkers, New York; KMM in Lincoln, Nebraska are found in daily use in major cities such as New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.


Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Information facility

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is the longest span bridge in the world, located in Akashi Strait between Kobe and Awaji Island in Hyogo Pref. The total and central span lengths are 3,911m and 1991m respectively.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Center

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Center is the science museum which displays the world's best techniques for building suspension bridges, mainly focusing on Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. You can see real model exhibitions, displays of techniques and technologies, 40-meters-long wind tunnel, and more.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Center

Maiko Maarine Promenade

Maiko Marine Promenade, 47-meters-high from the surface of the ocean, 150-meters-far from the land, 317-meters-long observatory walkway is located just under the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge's roadway. You can walk through a part of the bridge itself and the ocean view opens right in front of your eyes.

akashi03 akashi04

Technical Tour C


The Westin Awaji Island -> Mitsu Seiki Co., LTD. -> Lunch (Uzunoshio) -> Awaji Ningo-za -> Sannomiya Station -> The Westin Awaji Island

Mitsu Seiki Co., LTD.

Mitsu Seiki Co., LTD. manufactures various products by machining metal materials. For example, parts of knitting machines, aircrafts, artificial satellites, ships and so on. Now, works related to airplanes account for over 50% of their whole works.

Inside the works
7 aircrafts are on display in the hdqrs.


Awaji Ningo-za

Awaji Ningyo Joruri, literally meaning ‘puppet’ and ‘narrative’, is one of the representative Japanese traditional theaters along with kabuki, which has been popular among ordinary people for 500 years. And Awaji Ningyo Joruri is designated as government designed important intangible folk-cultural property. Awaji Ningyo-za has given performances abroad several times as well as their daily regular show at their home theater on the island which receives much acclaim.

Performance Program

Honcho nijushiko: Okuniwa Kitsunebi no dan or Tamamonomae asahi no tamoto: Shinzen-en no dan

ningo001 ningo002